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Fundraising & Distribution

Please note, that as of 1 September 2015 - City Alliance merged its Fund Raising operations with Deepbridge Capital. As such, the former sales team of City Alliance now only promotes Deepbridge products, and includes the CHF Media Fund as a strategic partner of Deepbridge.  

For companies seeking to structure a EIS, SEIS or discretionary portfolio service

City Alliance provides product development and structuring services, of EIS, SEIS and discretionary portfolio services.

This includes: consulting on structure and product set-up, copywriting and editorial services of Information Memorandums and marketing materials to ensure they are 'investor ready', and also completion of Advance Assurance applications for prospective investee companies. 

Why managers work with us

Quite often our clients have their own in-house sales, NPD and marketing teams, and we work alongside them bolstering their departments. 

In other cases, managers may for whatever reason do not have any in-house sales, marketing or investor relations functions, or are not currently active in the 'retail' /  'Financial Adviser' space, in which case we can provide full and on-going support if required.

Sector Focus

Whilst City Alliance is no loner promoting new investment opportunities outside of Deepbridge, Deepbridge is active in investments across Lifesciences, Disruptive Technology and Renewable Energy sectors. 

Deepbridge will consider companies looking to raise capital from £150k initial seed investment on Lifesciences, and from £500k - c.£4m on Technology. 

Deepbridge has also has a particular focus on onshore wind and hydro electricity projects , but will also consider other renewable energy technologies. Please refer to for further information, or contact for further information.

Investment Product Types

Product areas include but are not limited to: 

  • Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS)
  • Seed Enterprise Investment Schemes (SEIS)
  • Estate Planning/Inheritance Tax Services via Business Property Relief (BPR)
  • Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs)
  • Open-Ended Investment Companies (OEICs)

The needs of our clients and the relationships with advisers is at the forefront of what we do.  We offer great service and work differently to other agencies and it’s a welcomed change for many.  

Being entrepreneurs ourselves, we are commercially minded with a strong sense of deliverability.  If you have a Fund or an investment opportunity that you are looking for marketing support for, please do get in touch and contact us on 020 7947 4313 / email 

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